Get 5 Of My Best Converting 
Photography Business Marketing Funnels! 
(I'll Even Give You The Email Sequences Already In The Funnels)
Start Selling Today Even
Without a Website
  These funnels have been created and tested by myself and my students so we've done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is add the funnels into your account, add your own images and prices and go live!

1: VIP Connect Funnel
In Her First 5 Months, Rachael Booked 24 Shoots & Made $23k from this ONE Funnel
This is a funnel that you can use year-round to drive traffic, build your email list and get photoshoot bookings while you have your potential client's attention!

INCLUDES: 5 Funnel Pages (Opt in + Offer + Confirmation + Full Price + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 3 "Win-Back" Email Scripts to maximise your bookings on Autopilot to capture those people that need to be followed up who don't take up your 24 hour offer! 
2: Contest Funnel
I used this Contest Funnel to build my email list by 350 people with no ad spend in less than 10 days. Paulina used this funnel & grew her email list by 160 in 2 weeks.
This is the perfect funnel to build your email list over a short period of time, create a buzz, build social proof AND simultaneously get photoshoot bookings! It's perfect to be used as a "Pre-Launch" Funnel before a seasonal promotion to build one of the most important Mental Triggers, Anticipation. 

INLCUDES: 3 Funnel Pages (Opt in, One Time Offer + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 3 Contest Launch Email Scripts to maximise your REAL votes and bookings!
3: Mini Session Event Funnel
I booked 17 shoots and $5,500 on autopilot in less than 3 weeks, then went on to Upsell another $6k, making $11k in total from this ONE Mini Session Funnel. Tammie used this to sell 12 Mini Session spots and Rach used this to sell 16 mini session spots and make $8,600.
I made this funnel and automation from scratch with less than 4 hours work and made my first sale the same day. This funnel is perfect to bring forward cashflow in slower months and also to launch or re-launch your business. 

INCLUDES: 5 Funnel Pages (Opt in + Sales Page + Order Form + One Time Offer Upsell + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 6 x Launch Email Scripts using the Mental Triggers to ensure your day is a Sell Out!
4: Mother's Day Funnel
My PBA students used this for Mother's Day and averaged between 4-8 shoot bookings on autopilot each over 1-2 weeks before Mother's Day - even though most of them didn't have an email list or were just starting in their business.
Mother's Day is one of the best times of the year to promote your portrait photography business. There is a specific way to ensure that your Mother's Day promotion doesn't flop and it's through using this Mother's Day Funnel. 

INCLUDES: 3 Funnel Pages (Opt in, Mother's Day Offer + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 3 "Win-Back" Mother's Day Scripts to maximise the sale of your promotion!  
5: 12 Days of Christmas Funnel
This funnel regularly brings me in between $5k-$10k in the week before Christmas which allows me to have a break and switch off with my family. Teya used this funnel to launch her business and sell her very first photoshoot plus a collage with payment upfront, and Rach made $3500 the week before Christmas last year with this funnel.
This is a Funnel you can at the end of the year to boost cashflow prior to Christmas - it's the best!

INCLUDES: This Funnel Template comes with 15 Funnel Pages (Opt in + Offer + 12 Order Forms + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 14 Launch Email Scripts to run the entire 12 day promotion on autopilot so you can set it and forget it and celebrate as you hear the ca-ching from mobile phone pinging to tell you, you've made a sale! 
BONUS!: Shoot for Success Funnel 
This funnel was hands down my highest converting funnel when I was in the peak of my photography business - and is the way to easily and effortlessly drive traffic from your website to your sales funnels and convert enquiries to shoots on autopilot. 
This is a Funnel you link to your website which you use to send potential clients your Information Sales PDF Brochure to give them more information and answer their burning questions all completely automated! 

INCLUDES: 3 Funnel Pages (Opt in + Offer + Confirmation) PLUS I give you my 3 Objection Handling Email Scripts so you convert those enquiries into sales with zero contact from you! 
 I was hesitant to invest without knowing ahead of time that it was really going to work but with some encouragement from my husband, I went ahead and I’m so glad I did. I just ran a special using one of Clare’s funnels and sold out within 2 weeks (10 bookings in total, 7 in one day!)

Initially some time and effort is required to set everything up but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. I love that I can book a client, collect their session fee and have them select the date and time they want within my calendar, all with zero contact. 

I now feel extremely confident in my business and happy to work hard this year knowing everything will be in place year after year, making it possible to book more clients and allowing for a better work/life balance.
Tania, Photography By Tania
Do you want to STOP being your town or city's best kept secret and instead have an automated, consistent flow of clients?  
The problem I see with so many photographers is that they start their business, they build a gorgeous website, they might even create an email database, they post their beautiful photos on social media
and yet...
They either hear crickets or they get enquiries that don't convert to bookings.

They are doing all the right things but they are never certain of where their next sale will come from.

And it's not their fault.
80% of sales require five follow-ups.
63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy.
35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first
The problem is that a website and a Facebook Page
just doesn't cut it in 2018. 
There's too much information and people don't trust as easily. 
You Need A Way To Elegantly Guide Your Potential Clients Into a Sale...
And You Do That Using Proven Funnels 
+ Proven Marketing Techniques
 Using Clare's funnels and advice I sold out my Autumn mini session day, booking 12 mini session shoots.
My confidence grew and I then went on to make $5,900 from a standard portrait sale! When you follow Clare’s processes, they just work.
Tammie, Nexus Photography
 I lacked confidence, had no portfolio, very little understanding of how to set up and market a business. I came to Clare wanting to set up and learn as much as I can about business before trying to get clients or see financial results.

Clare encourages both building a business and actively running a business at the same time which REALLY challenged my “fearful / perfectionist / safe / planning ahead for disaster” nature.

I’ve learned so much about different aspects of systems, marketing, mindset and where I’m prone to sabotage my time or my worth. I made $2000 from my first paid shoot after doing the Photography Business Accelerator! 

I’ve also had compliments from friends about how professional my business appears on social media and I have overcome so many fears and resistance that came up. I’ve worked through so much – all of it a WIN I couldn’t have achieved without Clare. 
I can’t thank Clare enough for everything she’s taught me. There is no way Bean Images would exist the way it does, in this time frame had I tried to set up on my own. 
Jill, Bean Images
 I came to Clare as I feeling frustrated that I am not getting more clients. I didn’t know how to go about it and knew I needed automation but didn’t know how to set it up. Seeing how all the elements work together with Clickfunnels, working on pricing and seeing what I need to change in my business, working on mindset and how it has an effect on how you function has been so great. I know that having automation will make it so much easier for clients and for myself. 
Thank you Clare, for all your help, knowledge and sharing so much information to implement some automation into my business - without this I would still be where I was for the past 12 months. I cannot wait for all this to go live and start increasing my list size and bring in paying clients.

Melinda, Melinda Heathcote Photography
Ok Clare, YES I Get I Need Funnels & Automation But Where Would I Even Begin??
The Thing Is:

Coming Up With Layout, Copy, Emails & Offer Details 
Can Be Frustrating Techy & Time Consuming... 

...But It Doesn't Have To Be...  
 I felt like funnels and automation were really complicated and hard, until I accidentally set up an automation to promote my funnel before I had even finished it and I got a booking within the first 15 minutes! It totally freaked me out and I was totally unprepared, but then I remembered Clare's advice on taking imperfect action and just focused on the positives!! I got my first booking from a funnel! 

We are in severe drought right now so I have haven't been focused on my business at all the past month or so. Despite this, I used Clare's Mother's Day Funnel and got 4 photoshoot bookings all on autopilot. This would never have happened without the funnel and automation I set up before the cattle took up all my time and attention.

Now I am feeling empowered and determined! I’ve learnt so much about marketing strategies and I’ve learnt to trust myself. I can't thank you enough Clare!
Mandy, Mandy McCutcheon Photography
Imagine: If You AUTOMATICALLY Book 3 or 5 or 10 or 15 Shoots 
from just ONE of these Funnels?  
This Can Be a Reality For You Too...
What Impact Would Automatically Making 
$3k or $8k or $12k or $23k 
from just ONE of these Funnels Have On Your Life?  
 I spent 4 hours creating the Mini Session Funnel and automation emails and set it live on 1st August. Using my email list of just 240 people in Goulburn, by 28th August, I had maxed out my whole day with 17 mini sessions timeslots, and using the magic of Clickfunnels, I also upsold 50% products at the time of booking, making me a total of $5,500 cash during one of my slower winter shoot months (before I even took a photo). 

Since I outsource my editing and use automation for my booking and sales process, the only time I worked was the 4 hours to set up the funnel and automations, plus the day of the shoot and culling images to be edited. Once the clients saw their images, I upsold another $6,000 in products in October, all while I was on a holiday cruise with no internet reception. 

In total, I made $11,500 from my one day Mini Session Funnel last year. There is NO WAY I could have done that with such ease without Clickfunnels. 
Clare, Your Life Through a Lens Photography
 Working with Clare was the best thing I could have done. I had never done a paid shoot, didn’t have a website, no pricing, I hadn’t even done enough shoots for a portfolio when I started! 

In my first 10 months in business, using Clickfunnels, I have sold:
*16 mini sessions, using Clare's Mini Session Funnel (making around $8,600)
* 34 VIP Photoshoots using Clare's VIP Connect Funnel (averaging around $1000 per shoot)
* 9 Full Priced and 6 Extended Family Photoshoots using Clare's Nurture Funnel
* 6 Mother's Day Vouchers using Clare's Mother's Day Funnel
* $3,500 using Clare's 12 Days of Christmas Funnel 
* 3 Weddings using my own Funnel (I'm now creating my own!). 

All in all, a total of 74 FULLY AUTOMATED Shoot Bookings - no emailing, no scheduling or rescheduling, no chasing clients to pay. There is no way I could have done all of that in 10 short months without Clare’s guidance, templates & automations.

Clickfunnels is an effective and efficient marketing and sales tool that has CHANGED MY LIFE. If you are hesitant about the cost of investing $97 per month, think about the potential shoots and bookings you are missing out on by NOT using Clickfunnels. Anything is expensive if you don't use it - I use Clickfunnels for every promotion and send traffic from Facebook to my funnels every single day.

Thanks to Clare (and Clickfunnels), my husband was able to drop one of his days on the road so he gets to spend more time with the kids, which they are all loving - and best of all, all 7 of us are taking a whole month off in 2018 to go overseas on holidays. 
Rachael, It's a Beautiful Life Photography
 I’ve been putting off Clickfunnels and automation because I built it up to be way too hard in my head. My aha is the tech part is not quite as hard as I was thinking. There’s a little bit of work setting up the initial funnel, but after that I can just copy and change for the promotion I need. When Clare showed us the steps it made more sense and I can see how the automation will make life easier. 
Amanda, Amanda Meryle Photography
 I feel a little in awe that my Mini Session Event is planned and ready to go. Making the decision to use Clickfunnels was the best on for this promotion and I can see how much time it is going to save me now and for future events. And to have Clare provide her own Clickfunnel Templates and have more than half the work done for me is beyond amazing!!

My business and my mindset has moved forward in leaps and bounds since I started working with Clare. Thank you!

Julie, Julie Hedges Photography
This is How It Works
  •  STEP 1: Purchase Your 5 Converting Funnels + Bonus Funnel on this page
  •  STEP 2: Create Your Free 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels here
  •  STEP 3: Set Up Your Account in 5 Minutes (I've provided a quick start guide and checklist for you in case you need some help) 
  •  STEP 4: Check Your Email After Purchasing to Get Access to the Members Area of Photography Business Funnels
  •  STEP 5: Click on the Link to Copy Each Funnel into your Clickfunnels Account in 60 Seconds
  •  STEP 6: Tweak the Pages and Copy, Add Your Images and Products To Make Them Your Own
  •  STEP 7: Copy the Email Scripts Provided into Your Own Email Provider (or use Clickfunnels for an extra $10 Per Month) Test Your Funnel Using My Clickfunnels "Go-Live" Checklist Provided in the Members Area
  •  STEP 8: Share your funnel links on social media and start hearing "ca-chings" of sales on autopilot on your phone!
A Complete Step-By-Step Guide!
Checklists & Videos To Get Your Funnels Live, FAST! 
Hey there! I'm Clare!
Clare Stephens with Founder of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson
I'm the founder of the Photography Business Accelerator, Perfecting Portraits, Beginner Bootcamp and the author of the book, the Art of Pricing for Family Photographers.

I’ve spent the last 9 years as a portrait photographer in my Sydney based studio, Your Life Through a Lens Photography and the last 4 years working with portrait photographers to grow profitable photography businesses. I'm an ex accountant, ex process management analyst, ex investment banker with Deloitte and Citigroup - so I have a unique mix of left and right brain skills and talents :) 

My greatest value is Freedom - it's why I started my businesses in the first place - and I just love that funnels and automation provide freedom and flexibility to automate so many parts of our businesses AND at the same time, give a smooth, professional experience to our clients as they get to know, like and trust us to be their photographer of choice.

I've been building DIY funnels and automations for my own business since 2012 - and then I discovered Clickfunnels in 2014 and started testing it out - suddenly instead of having to DIY pages and links together, all I had to do was use a funnel with all the steps already inside! So much time and headaches saved!

My love of funnels grew tenfold after I travelled to the USA in early 2016 to meet the Founder of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson. At that conference I joined their Clickfunnels Certified Partner program because I wanted to learn ALL THE HACKS to maximise sales from my own photography funnels.

My focus is now on helping photographers grow their businesses using a mix of old school offline AND the latest online strategic marketing funnels and automations. I'm also an NLP Qualified Practitioner and use magic mindset techniques to transform my students' confidence and belief in themselves, to empower them to be successful long-term photography business owners.

I already share my funnels as part of my VIP Photography Business Accelerator programme, and now I want to share the magic of these funnels with you! 

Learning photography and then learning how to use funnels, literally has changed my life into one that is extraordinary... one of freedom, flexibility and where enquiries and sales happen on autopilot, 24 hours a day.

I’m on a mission to inspire women across the globe live their own version of an extraordinary life through documenting love. 

Because ultimately, documenting love is what family and portrait photography is all about, right?

Some Common Questions Answered By Clare
I am not a family photographer, can I use these funnels?

These funnels have been created specifically with family photographers in mind. However, these funnels could be used with any sort of portrait photography - I have students who are family, newborn, boudoir, wedding, equine and pet photographers - you can easily adapt the templates and email copy to your own genres of portrait photography. 

I only teach what I know and I've never sold landscape photos except in my Kenyan Exhibition, so I don't teach how to sell landscape photography and I haven't created any landscape photography funnels.
What if I am not very technical?

When you purchase, you'll receive some step by step guides to help you with the tech and if you follow them, the funnels are relatively straightforward to get live (much easier than any other sort of online software I have used). 

Most of my students tell me they are not techy, and then when they create their first funnel, they tell me how they didn't realise it would be as easy as it was.

Something to be aware of is, if you tell yourself you aren't technical, then your brain listens, and guess what, you have tech issues and nightmares! Try telling yourself instead that creating funnels and automation is fun and easy and worthwhile, and that you are resourceful and are very capable of working it out - then see the difference in your results (and in all aspects of life!)
How much do I have to spend on software?

Clickfunnels comes with a free 14 day trial and then is usually US$97 per month. But I’ve got a special link for you to get Clickfunnels for just $19/month! When you consider how many photoshoots you can get automatically and how much money you could make when you implement the funnels, the cost is a no brainer!

The only other necessary software for getting bookings on autopilot is an online scheduling tool (which is free, and we give you recommendations after purchasing the funnels) and your email provider.

You can send emails from Clickfunnels using a program called Sendgrid which is an additional US$10 per month  or you can use any other email provider and copy the email scripts yourself.  We recommend and use Active Campaign which is US$9/month. Mailchimp is free but if you want to create time-based automated email sequences in Mailchimp, you need to upgrade to $10/month.  
Can I buy these at another time

These funnels are available to purchase for $1997 which is a reflection of the value they provide to my clients, considering the potential income that can be made from implementing even just one of the funnels. I suggest if you want the very best deal, this is it.
Do you help me if I have questions?

We have provided Explainer Videos for each Funnel Template inside the Online Portal where you access the Funnels. We have priced this funnel package at an affordable price point for all photographers to access. Any further Tech Support is not included as part of these Photography Business Funnel Templates.

If you require support to implement the funnels, Clickfunnels themselves have a fantastic and responsive help desk. 

Alternatively, we provide Tech Support as part of our Photography Business Accelerator program, which is a 10 week coaching and mentoring program. 

In the PBA you receive:
* 12 Weeks in Our Inner Circle Facebook Community
* 10 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls with Clare
* Lifetime Access to 12 Core & Bonus Modules in the Photography Business Accelerator Online Training Portal
* 5 x Tech Support Group Calls During Your 10 Week Live Coaching

If you would like to upgrade to the PBA, you will see an option to do that less the price you've paid today (plus the option to attend our 2 Day Sydney Funnel + Mindset Masterclass) on the confirmation page after purchase. 
Do you provide any guarantees?

We have tested and used these funnels in our own business and strongly believe in the value and quality of the funnels and we stand behind them. The results shown have come from our students sharing the funnels and following the steps we provide.

But your level of success in attaining any of the results we have mentioned on any of our websites and/or Social Media platforms depends on the time you devote to your own business and marketing, your ideas, the frequency you share the funnels, your own story and authenticity in your storytelling and the level of your various skills and/or knowledge.

We don’t believe in “Get Rich Quick” schemes, only hard work and perseverance. Our funnel templates are a tool to help you get more clients, more income and more ease in your photography business. 

By law, we cannot and do not make any promises about your ability to earn money using any of our tools, information, ideas and/or strategies.

Of course we want you to succeed! That’s why we provide the support we do, but it’s up to you. Anything you want to succeed in (business or not) takes hard work and effort, and the results depend on how much effort and work you are willing to put in, among other things.

Any and all forward-looking statements on any of our websites or Social Media Platforms are intended to express our opinion of what you could potentially achieve, but many factors will be important in determining whether you actually will. And we do not make any guarantees that your results will be similar to ours or anyone else’s.

As this is a digital download and you get immediate access, we do not provide refunds so please choose carefully.
1: VIP Connect Funnel 
2: Mini Session Event Funnel
3: Contest Funnel
4: Mother's Day Funnel
5: 12 Days of Christmas Funnel

Still Have Questions?
contact us today or simply ask in the chat box.
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